Welcome to Kingston Bible Trust

Welcome to the Kingston Bible Trust, based in Lancing, West Sussex, England, which has been the main supplier of the Darby Translation of the Bible (1961 edition) to bookshops and individuals for many years.

The Charity’s main aim is to further the increase and improvement of Christian knowledge and the spread of the Gospel.

We distribute, at cost or less, Darby Bibles, Hymn Books and Tune Books, Bible reference books, ministries of J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney, F. E. Raven, C. A. Coates, J. Taylor Senior and others, booklets and also a wide range of Gospel tracts.

We are happy to serve bookshops and private customers. Our prices apply generally. No trade discounts are allowed.

Please note that we are able to supply a maximum of three gold initials on small Bibles, and a maximum of five on hymn books and larger Bibles.

Carriage rates to overseas addresses are for economy surface mail, and goods may take between six and twelve weeks to arrive. Rates for quicker delivery have increased considerably in the last few months, and we would ask you to contact us before ordering if you require goods more quickly, so that we can work out a price.


 We supply:

  • Bibles
  • Concordances and Reference Books
  • Hymn Books and Tune Books
  • Tune Books
  • Ministry by J.N. Darby, J. B. Stoney, F. E. Raven, C. A. Coates, J. Taylor Senior and others
  • Books for the younger reader
  • Booklets on fundamental truth
  • Gospel tracts
  • CD-ROMs

You may also download our Catalogue in PDF format.

There is a Table of Contents available in PDF format for the books of ministry by J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney, F. E. Raven and J. Taylor Senior. 


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